Guest Author | 09/23/2020 | Family Friendly, Outdoor Recreation

The Marys Peak Alliance of AFRANA is pleased to present a virtual field trip to Marys Peak.

Marys Peak Field Trip 2020 from Matt Kellam on Vimeo.

The Marys Peak Alliance of AFRANA just released a new video, Marys Peak Field Trip 2020, online for the public. During normal times, the Marys Peak Alliance takes hundreds of local students and adults on interpreted field trips of Marys Peak annually. Since those activities have been placed on hold this year, they produced, with a generous grant from the Frenkel Family Trust, a video showing many of the remarkable aspects of Marys Peak. This video can be as enlightening to veteran Marys Peak visitors as it is to the first time visitor.

This video is freely available to the public at or on Vimeo. Viewers may want to watch the full video or individual segments, as designated in the program time codes below. Anyone interested in using this video for educational purposes might want to download this worksheet. You can also download the program time codes here.

Marys Peak Field Trip 2020 Program Time Codes

  • 00:00-01:52 – Welcome to Marys Peak, Brian Hoeh
  • 01:57-04:37 – The Kalapuya People and Marys Peak, David Harrelson
  • 04:41-06:30 – The Soils of Marys Peak, Dr. Jenny Davis
  • 06:34-09:30 – The Blowdown on Marys Peak, Cindy McCain
  • 09:35-11:30 – Early Euro-American Uses of Marys Peak, Judy Juntunen
  • 11:34-12:59 – The Marys Peak Trek, Judy Juntunen
  • 13:05-15:55 – Marys Peak Meadow Restoration, Cindy McCain
  • 16:00-18:43 – The Stump in the Marys Peak Meadows, Dick Mossey
  • 18:48-22:34 – The Grasses of Marys Peak, Dr. Barbara Wilson
  • 22:35-24:12 – The Marys Peak Summit Plant Communities, Esther McEvoy
  • 24:18-26:19 – The Rock Garden Flowering Eruption, Ellen Tappon
  • 26:21-29:09 – The Marys Peak Scenic Botanical Special Interest Area, Tony Vanderheide
  • 29:14-31:42 – The Marys Peak Desert in a Rainforest, Dr. Phil Hays
  • 31:45-34:41 – The Marys Peak Summit Structures, Dr. Phil Hays
  • 34:44-37:16 – The Formation of Marys Peak, Dr. Robert Lillie
  • 37:19-40:45 – The Views from Marys Peak, Dr. Robert Lillie
  • 40:47-44:08 – The Marys Peak Forests, Ken McCall
  • 44:11-46:43 – Mosses, Fungi and Lichens on Marys Peak, Dr. Barry Wulff
  • 46:47-48:05 – The Trails of Marys Peak, Brian Hoeh
  • 48:09-50:12 – The Three Waters of Marys Peak, David Eckert
  • 50:17-51:50 – The Marys Peak Corvallis Watershed, Jeff Hollenbeck
  • 51:54-52:49 – See You Soon Up on Marys Peak, Brian Hoeh

Article and photo courtesy the Marys Peak Alliance of AFRANA. Keep up with Corvallis news, events and happenings by signing up for our email newsletter.

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