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Alsea Falls Recreation Site

Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map

What does outdoor adventure mean to you? For some of us, it means an epic, multi-day backpacking trip through thick forests. For others, it means a mid-day paddle on a quiet stretch of river. And for some, a day outdoors means an afternoon picnic at the neighborhood park.

However you enjoy the outdoors, we’re excited to welcome you to Benton County and Corvallis - in the heart of the Willamette Valley - and share all our region has to offer. Across our county, you’ll find rolling hillsides, idyllic farmland, soaring forests, wooded mountains, scenic waterways, verdant parks... Basically, the perfect playgrounds for however you’d like to get outside.

Download the Recreation Map

The Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map covers all of Benton County, from the Oregon Coast Range to the pastoral Willamette Valley, and offers a broad overview of the many outdoor activities you can enjoy in the area. This map is useful for trip planning but isn't intended to be a detailed trail map. Depending on the type of recreation you’re looking for, there is a wealth of information online. The map offers QR codes linked to further resources, and you can find more information on our website, as well.

Click here to download a .pdf of the Heart of the Valley Outdoor Recreation Map. Printed brochures with the map are now available in our Visitors Center.

There’s plenty to choose from, but we wanted to highlight four of the top outdoor attractions around Benton County. We hate to play favorites, especially with so much natural wonder around the area, but these are undeniably signature stops for travelers from near and far. Consider these four stops our "Outdoor Adventure 101" syllabus.

Marys Peak

This regional icon is beloved as much for the views from its summit as the recreation opportunities scattered across its forested hillsides and sweeping meadows.

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Alsea Falls Recreation Site

Take a quick hike to the Alsea Falls Recreation Site’s signature waterfall, and then immerse yourself in its many other offerings: hiking paths, mountain bike trails, camping and more, all in the foothills of the Oregon Coast Range.

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Corvallis-To-The-Sea Trail

The Corvallis-to-the-Sea Trail, our newest backpacking (and bike-packing!) route, departs from Corvallis, traverses the Oregon Coast Range, and ends at the Pacific Ocean. Along the way, the 60-mile trail passes through rural communities, family farms, forests, and more.

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Willamette River Water Trail

The mighty Willamette River ambles northward lazily past downtown Corvallis, and is part of the 187-mile Willamette River Water Trail that invites paddlers to enjoy both lazy day trips and multi-day outings throughout the Willamette Valley.

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Take Care Out There: As you explore Benton County, we ask that you please take care out there. Make the most of your time here by understanding how to prepare, care and connect in Oregon. Prepare before you go by doing your research to know current guidelines and local recommendations. Care while you’re here by respecting your surroundings to ensure a safe, fun experience for all. Connect with people and places and gain a sense of gratitude by getting to know the deeper stories. Learn more here.

Leave No Trace: Please abide by the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace; those principles include remembering to plan ahead and prepare, disposing of waste properly, and respecting wildlife. Learn more here.

Respect Private Property: Private property borders on a lot of our outdoor recreation areas. Assume that property, unless otherwise noted on a sign or map, is private, and take care to respect all signs that warn against trespassing or hunting.

Share the Trail: Since our trails and recreation areas can be used by multiple groups it’s important to follow the same rules as everyone else in order to have a safe and enjoyable time. Be courteous, know the rules of the trails you're using, keep dogs and horses under control, and be sure to share the trails with other users.

The non-profit C2C Trail Partnership was formed in 2003, and since then its volunteers have averaged over 2,500 hours a year to make the C2C trail dream a reality.

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The Right Trail was put together by partner organizations including the Greenbelt Land Trust, Corvallis Parks and Recreation, Benton County, and many more, and showcases the trail systems available around Linn and Benton Counties.

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Corvallis offers lodging options ranging from boutique hotels to farm stays, guest houses and camping, and more.

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Peak Sports

As a locally-owned and -operated outdoor retailer, Peak SPorts id proud to be an excellent resource for the products and knowledge you need to make the most of your outdoor adventures.

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