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Public Art in Corvallis, Oregon

Marci Sischo | 08/07/2018 | Arts and Culture

Corvallis is full of public art, with more being added all the time. Art lovers could spend a whole day exploring Corvallis' art and still not find all of it - and while they were at it, we'd probably add a couple more pieces!

Below are a few resources to help you find our public art installations. Click on the titles or images for more information.

Photos by Corvallis Parks & Recreation and the Corvallis Mural Project. Keep up with Corvallis news, events and happenings by signing up for our email newsletter.

One of the artistic attractions in Corvallis, Oregon is the Corvallis Mural Project, which is splashing colorful murals all across Corvallis. Jennifer Moreland, inspired by the gorgeous murals she found all over Los Angeles, launched the Corvallis Mural Project in 2016. Thanks to Moreland’s efforts, more than 20 stunning murals now dot downtown Corvallis, with more on the way.
2. Corvallis Murals Map (.pdf)
Corvallis Murals Map - Corvallis Gazette-Times
The Corvallis Gazette-Times created a map of Corvallis' many murals that you can download and print. It lists 28 of our local murals and was printed in 2017, so it's missing a few, but it's a great print option to get you started.
3. Google Map - Public Art in Corvallis
Google Map - Public Art in Corvallis, Oregon
Corvallis, Oregon is full of public art – statues, murals, monuments, poetry and more. There’s so much it’s hard to keep track of it all, and new pieces are being added all the time. It can be tricky to find it all, but one of our local art lovers put together a Google Map that highlights quite a lot of our public art.
4. Downtown Corvallis Alley Art Walk
Fly Squatter by Rich Branstro
Spend an afternoon strolling Madison Avenue in Corvallis’ lovely downtown. This self-guided tour will take you from the north end of Madison Avenue at 8th Street, all the way down to our beautiful Riverfront Commemorative Park. As you explore, you can view over 25 sculptures, enamel-on-metal reproductions of poems, photographs, and silkscreen prints.
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