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Marci Sischo | 04/15/2022 | History, Itineraries, Scenic Byway

Explore Oregon with the Oregon Scenic Byways Story Map

One thing you can count on when you visit Oregon is plenty of gorgeous scenery. This state is hip deep in sweeping, stunning vistas. One of the best ways to see all our natural beauty is by road trip.

But Oregon doesn't just have pretty views to offer. Our roadways are steeped in history, culture, and some pretty amazing ecology and geology. And that's not to mention all the great stops you'll get to make along the way - restaurants, museums, shops, and more. 

With so much to pick from, planning a road trip through Oregon might be a little daunting. There's just so much to see, and you definitely don't want to miss anything.

There's good news on that front, though. The Oregon Department of Transportation's GIS Unit teamed up with Travel Oregon and other partners to create a fantastic tool to help you explore and plan your road trip: The Oregon Scenic Byways Story Map.

Oregon’s roads showcase the state’s grandeur. The ability to access Oregon’s diverse natural beauty, as well as historical and cultural sites, has earned it 29 designated Scenic Byways and Tour Routes. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history buff or merely looking for a relaxing drive in the country, Oregon’s Scenic Byways will reveal the many wonders that await.

👉 Discover the Oregon Scenic Byways Story Map.

The Oregon Scenic Byways Story Map will let you explore 29 different drives that will take you through both the Cascades and the Coast Range, along the Pacific Coast and past volcanos, around Mt. Hood, through the high desert, and more. You'll be able to read up on the history, geology, ecology, and culture of the areas you'll be driving through, find stops you don't want to miss on the way, and see photos of some the sights you'll see in person on the trip. Plus, you get a map of the route, too.

With the Story Map, you can plan weekend getaways to and from anywhere in Oregon, week-long - or longer! - road trips, visits to historic sites and cultural stops, and experience locations with unique geography, geology, wildlife, plants and more.

The Marys Peak to Pacific Scenic Byway runs from Corvallis to Waldport, Oregon, along Highway 34, through the Coast Range. On this road trip you can visit the highest peak in the Coast Range, Marys Peak, where, on a clear day at the summit, you can see all the way to the Cascades on in the east, and clear to the Pacific Ocean in the west. You'll also be able to explore Alsea Falls, where you can get in some hiking or biking and visit two lovely waterfalls, and even do a bit of camping. Along the way you'll visit some cute - and historic - little towns, and finally end up at the stunning Oregon Coast.

👉 Drive the Marys Peak to Pacific Scenic Byway.

We'd suggest you start planning your road trip with the Marys Peak to Pacific Scenic Byway, which begins right here in Corvallis and leads you along beautiful Highway 34 to the Pacific Coast. You can drive up Marys Peak and check out the views, explore the Alsea Falls Recreation Area, visit cute little towns, and finish up at Waldport, on the Oregon coast.

Thanks to the work of Visit Corvallis and partners including Jesse Dolin of the Oregon Coast Visitors Association, Kate Porsche of the City of Corvallis, Laura Furgurson of the Waldport Chamber of Commerce, Sandra Hikari of ODOT, Scott Snedaker of the Bureau of Land Management, Scottie Jones of Leaping Lamb Farmstay, Terri Thomas of the Benton County Historical Society, Dave Eckert of Willamette Watershed Productions, Brian Hoeh of the Siuslaw National Forest, and Greg Jones of the City of Tangent, you can enjoy this drive with your very own app-based tour guide. Together these partners collaborated to create the Marys Peak to Pacific Scenic Byway Audio Tour with TravelStorys.

This app will treat you to the history and culture of the area as you drive Highway 34, leading you from Tangent, Oregon to Waldport, Oregon and leaving you with a deeper appreciation of the natural beauty of the Marys Peak to Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.

To enjoy the free audio tour, download the TravelStorysGPS app for Android or iPhone and search the app for the Marys Peak to Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.

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