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Marci Sischo | 04/21/2020 | Corvallis News & Information

Ways to Help Coronavirus Recovery in Corvallis

When there's a disaster, we have a nearly universal urge to help out. But when the disaster is a pandemic, and we're all trapped in our houses, it can be difficult to find ways to pitch in. If you're looking for a way to help out or give back to the Corvallis community as we work to support each other and recover from the pandemic, here are a few options.

Purchase a "CorvallUS - Better Together" shirt, polo, or other item.

The Corvallis Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Visit Corvallis, the City of Corvallis, Benton County, the Corvallis Foundry, the SBDC, the Corvallis Sustainability Coalition, Downtown Corvallis Association, BAM, RAIN, and the Corvallis Business Network, resurrected 2008's "CorvallUS" initiative to help support the Corvallis Sewing Brigade. Working with Corvallis Custom, they designed a series of t-shirts, polo shirts, and a sweater sporting the "CorvallisUS - Better Together" logo. When you buy one, 100% of the proceeds go to the Corvallis Sewing Brigade, which is making PPE for health workers and other essential workers. Learn more and buy a shirt.

Support the Beavers

The Beavers Endure initiative is a way for Oregon State Athletics donors, season ticket holders, and Beaver Nation to provide support to OSU's student-athletes during the extremely challenging financial times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Donate here to support the Beavers.

Donate to the SAGE Garden.

The Corvallis Environmental Center's SAGE Garden is raising funds for their Food for Families Program, which provides food to families in need. This service is more necessary than ever with the pandemic, and funds are running short. Donate to the SAGE Garden.

Donate to It's On Us Corvallis.

It's On Us Corvallis is a community-sourced revolving fund that provides meals for folks who need a boost and business to our restaurants. The fund is used to pre-purchase meals at local restaurants, that can be claimed later by anyone who wants a meal. No catch - they're for everyone to enjoy. Learn more and pay it forward here. 

Join the Corvallis Sewing Brigade.

The Corvallis Sewing Brigade is a grassroots group that is creating personal protective equipment - including cloth masks, plastic gowns, and face shields - for health workers and other essential workers in the Corvallis area. And they want your help! They need makers, sewers, willing hands, folks to transport things, and more. Visit their Facebook group to get started.

Other Ways to Help

  • Support the owners of Nirvana. Nirvana is a much-loved Indian restaurant owned by Rani and Gurmeet Kaul. They're facing reduced income in their restaurant, and recovering from emergency medical expenses from this past December, January and February.
  • Rent movies through Darkside Cinema. On their website, the Darkside offers an ever-changing list of virtual cinema films to watch at home, and popcorn and treats to go. Renting movies through the Darkside's links helps support the Darkside financially.
  • Contribute to the downtown Corvallis fundraiser to replace broken windows. On May 17, a late night vandal broke the windows and destroyed the property of several downtown businesses. This fund initially helped victims with the cost of repairing damage and replacing windows, and was so successful that it's continuing now to raise funds to support our downtown businesses as they recover from the pandemic.
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