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Get Happy With Original Goat Yoga

After a pandemic pause, goat yoga is jumping back to life. Fortunately for those in the Corvallis area, the Original Goat Yoga headquarters is again offering yoga sessions and a fun Goat Happy Hours at their farm in nearby Monroe.

Original Goat Yoga at No Regrets Farm Sanctuary in Monroe, Oregon, by Stacey Newman Weldon

Wondering what might be in store for you during a goat yoga class?

Expect to socialize with the goats, who love to be with people and have a hilarious sense of humor. Of course, these are all adult goats, so they won't be climbing on your back. Founder Lainey Morse explains that it's baby goats who are learning to climb and will love your downward dog pose. However, her current crew will be more likely to take over your mat, rest their head on your shoulder, gently headbutt you (which is more like a face-to-face nuzzle), or occasionally taste your mat looking for snacks.

Mats are supplied, and you are encouraged to wear yoga or very comfortable clothes. The teacher leads you through various relaxing poses, so you can concentrate on being present with your body, with the surrounding nature, and enjoy the happy distraction of the goats. As one reviewer, Jenny, states, "The yoga session was great but the giggle therapy with goats was even better."

Original Goat Yoga at No Regrets Farm Sanctuary in Monroe, Oregon, by Stacey Newman Weldon

Lainey Morse, the founder, started with Happy Hours leading people and goats on walks around her farm. In 2016, her yoga instructor friend asked if she could teach a class on the goat farm. On a lark, Lainey sent the photos to Modern Farmer Magazine, and her Goat Yoga concept went viral! Years later, she says this form of animal therapy is no longer a fad. She's proud to help people reconnect with nature and uplift their mental health.

Original Goat Yoga Goatel at No Regrets Farm Sanctuary in Monroe, Oregon, by Stacey Newman Weldon

To support other farmers and their communities across the nation, Lainey has developed a business franchise for Original Goat Yoga, Goat Happy Hour, and even Goatel (where you can spend the night on a goat farm).

Look for the seal of approval at these locations, which according to the website, shows that "Those locations are licensing the Original Goat brand, have been vetted as providing appropriate veterinary care, a focus on a calm and happy event environment, and an attestation that their goats are loved and that the location abides by certain ethical business practices."

Original Goat Yoga at No Regrets Farm Sanctuary in Monroe, Oregon, by Stacey Newman Weldon

Lainey says her yoga classes are popular and filling up fast. She's also testing out different kinds of classes, like mini meditation retreats, holiday yoga (start thinking about your annual photos now!), and a stained-glass workshop with a Goat Happy Hour. She suggests signing up for her events newsletter for the latest classes or following No Regrets Farm & Sanctuary on social media.

To get there from Corvallis, head down 99W. Pass by blueberry, grass seed, and hazelnut tree farms. If you get to Monroe downtown, you've gone too far. Once on Bellfountain Road, you'll see a metal goat sculpture above the mailbox. You'll probably be greeted at the gate by Lainey's three dogs, and their barking will alert her to come open the gate.

After the class and you have your goat-zen on, take the backroads to return to Corvallis. Why not take a leisurely walk? About a mile away is Bellfountain County Park, the county's oldest at over 100 years and home to one of the longest picnic tables in the world - it can seat 120 people! One of Lainey's yoga students stated she enjoys biking around this park and highly recommends it.

After the park, take the scenic route. Bellfountain Road runs mainly parallel to 99W and winds past pretty Christmas tree farms. About four miles north of the goat farm is an entrance to the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge.

Original Goat Yoga at No Regrets Farm Sanctuary in Monroe, Oregon, by Stacey Newman Weldon

Goats make everyone giggle! Whether you've taken the yoga class, played at the Happy Hour, or stayed in the Goatel, share your memories! If you tag your photos with #visitcorvallis or @visitcorvallis, we may also share them on our social media!

Article and photos by Stacey Newman Weldon. Keep up with Corvallis news, events and happenings by signing up for our email newsletter.

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