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2 Hours in Corvallis: Corvallis Murals & Taco Vino

Situated right between I-5 and HW99, and the Oregon Coast, Corvallis makes the perfect pit stop on your way out to visit the gorgeous Pacific Ocean. Be sure to plan for an hour or two to stop as you drive through - there's plenty to see and do as you pause to stretch your legs.

Start with a tour of lovely downtown Corvallis as you hunt for the multitude of gorgeous murals splashed across local businesses by Benton County artists, as well as artists from further afield. There are over thirty beautiful murals to find around downtown Corvallis, and if you feel like exploring the town a little further, you'll find murals by Oregon State University and along 9th Street, as well. In fact, one of the largest murals in Corvallis decorates the side of High Quality Life on 9th Street, painted by artist Erik Hoogen.

Make your last mural stop "Maya," by Skye Walker. This stunning artwork depicts Mother Nature with flowing hair made up of water and vegetation and it graces the side of TacoVino, which is an excellent spot to grab a bite to eat.

TacoVino is a northwest taco shop that makes its corn tortillas by hand every day from fresh masa. They offer wonderful tacos made from locally-sourced ingredients, fresh or pickled veggies, queso, and salsas made in-house. You can also pair your tacos with local wines for a delicious cap to your meal.

Refreshed and refueled, it's easy to head from Corvallis and out to the beautiful Oregon Coast. From Taco Vino, just head north on 1st Street around the corner to Jackson Avenue, and west to 4th Street. A quick few blocks south on 4th street, to the overpass, you can enter on HW20 and enjoy a leisurely drive west through Philomath and then continue on to the Oregon Coast on either HW20 or HW34. We recommend taking HW34, also known as the Marys Peak to Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, if you have a little extra time. It's a lovely drive, and there's plenty to see and do on your way.

1. TacoVino

At TacoVino, enjoy freshly made warm corn tortillas hot off the grille, filled with a slowly braised local protein, a sustainable seafood, or sautéed or grilled local, seasonal vegetables; with a combination of fresh or pickled vegetables, queso, and house made salsas, paired with a local wine.

TacoVino is located at 151 NW Monroe Avenue in Corvallis (map). It's open from 11:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and 11:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Learn more on their website and on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Corvallis Murals

Downtown Corvallis is dotted with gorgeous murals painted on local businesses by artists from our area. Strolling through our beautiful downtown, you'll find murals down alleys, on street corners, and along the walls of businesses all over the area.

For more information about Corvallis Murals, you can download our scavenger hunt map to help you find 30 downtown Corvallis murals (and win a prize for finding them all), or visit, for an online map to Corvallis murals with information about each mural and its artist.

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