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E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area Hunting Opportunities

Guest Author | 10/21/2019 | Fall, Outdoor Recreation

Go Hunting at the E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area

E.E. Wilson Wildlife Area is located just north of Adair Village and offers plenty of hunting opportunities within a short drive from Corvallis.

During the month of October, ODFW releases rooster pheasants for upland bird hunters who often use a hunting dog to flush the birds. Hunting takes place between a half hour after sunrise until 5pm in the wildlife area during the pheasant season, but opportunities for quail and duck continue from fall into winter, as well as year-round opportunities for small game like rabbit and squirrel.

E.E. Wilson is shotgun only, requires the use of steel shot, and the use of rifles is prohibited. One exception is big game: buckshot and slugs are legal to hunt elk and blacktail deer. Archery hunts for big game are another exception.

The archery range offers a variety of targets at varying distances, as well as a 3D target of a bull elk. Across Camp Adair road to the south, there's a sporting clay shooting range as well. Both facilities offer the opportunity for hunters to hone their skills and perfect their aim for the big hunt.

A parking pass is required for parking at the gated entrances to the wildlife area, and funds the upkeep and maintenance of food plots planted for wildlife.

The wildlife area exists on the site of the World War II Camp Adair military base, and is gridded with paved roads that now serve as walking paths, while the dilapidated remains of structures still exist from that era. The scenery provides some historical significance and perspective, as nature continues to persevere, overtaking the concrete pillars and platforms with moss and debris. It's got an eerie vibe about it that is unlike hunting anywhere else.


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