Morgan Baker | 10/14/2021 | Industry Newsletter

Do You Need Help Finding Staff?

It’s a great time to live in Benton County! We have additional support available via ORLA’s collaboration with Northwest Oregon Works (NOW), the board that serves our area. ORLA now has the opportunity to engage directly with public partners who have made it a priority to help mitigate workforce challenges facing the industry.

NOW and its partners can help support qualified potential/existing employees needs by access to wrap-around services such as transportation and housing vouchers, funding equipment needs such as knife kits and uniforms, and providing training scholarships and coaching. The key to success is proactive participation from industry partners in strategic processes which begin with listening sessions starting in January 2022. Sign up here to learn more about the opportunity as it develops.

Worksource Oregon
A network of public and private partners who work together to stimulate job growth by connecting businesses and workers. Their resources include job boards, hiring fairs, and candidate screening. For eligible potential/current employees, they may also be able to access wrap-around services that include housing and transportation vouchers, training support, and counseling. These services are provided at no cost to employer and employee. Results come from building a relationship with your local offices.

Guest Service Online Training
The foundation offers several courses, in English and with Spanish subtitles, that illustrate the principles of good customer service via video enactments that are supported by downloadable workbooks and worksheets. Guest Service Gold Tourism/Oregon participants earn an internationally accredited certification. Providing Service While Supporting Safety was created to address specific challenges presented by the pandemic, such as mask requirements.

Line-Level and Advanced Curriculum that Leads to Accredited Industry Credentials
These are great tools that are reasonably priced and easy to use. They can reduce the time needed to help onboard new recruits who lack experience, as well for cross-training and upskilling those who are already on the job. Saves time and provides consistency.

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