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Corvallis drag performer Lucielle S. Ballz, from Dam Right Drag Night. Photo courtesy Lucielle S. Ballz.
Guest Author | 09/07/2023 | Arts and Culture, Nightlife

Explore the Dazzling World of Drag Shows in Corvallis!

Are you ready to dive into a mesmerizing realm of entertainment that's been captivating hearts for centuries? Picture this: a kaleidoscope of colors, boundless energy, and an atmosphere that radiates pure joy. Drag shows, a time-honored tradition dating back a millennium, have retained their allure through the ages.

Just like their historical counterparts, today's audiences flock to these spectacles for one ultimate reason - the sheer thrill of it all! Brace yourselves for an expedition into the vibrant and exhilarating Drag scene that Corvallis proudly boasts!

But here's the delightfully different twist: Corvallis is not just a host to drag performances; it's a sanctuary where both performers and spectators come together in a celebration of acceptance and authenticity. The proprietors of these sensational venues have declared zero tolerance for negativity, creating an environment where everyone is free to embrace their fabulous selves.

The demand for this mesmerizing art form has led to an explosion of shows, offering you a cornucopia of choices to immerse yourself in the fabulousness!

(Photo: Corvallis drag performer King Kween, from Dam Right Drag Night. Photo by Tera Rue, True Photography.)

First, let's get you prepped for the grand adventure. Attending a drag show in Corvallis is like stepping into a fantastical world where every moment is a surprise waiting to unfold:

1. Know Your Flavor: Whether you're up for a family-friendly daytime gig or craving a more daring adult-oriented extravaganza, Corvallis serves it all! With 18+ shows and the tantalizing 21+ events, you can pick your poison – cheeky, raunchy, or anything in between!

2. Show the Love: Trust us, these artists put their heart, soul, and a whole lot of dollars into their elaborate costumes and stunning makeup. Be prepared with a wad of bills in various denominations – $1s, $5s, $10s – to shower them with well-deserved tips. Extend your hand like a beacon of appreciation, and watch them strut their stuff towards you!

3. Consent is Everything: As the performances unfold, the intimacy might escalate. Don't be surprised if performers venture off the stage to engage with the audience. It's all about connection, so if you want a hug or a handshake, just ask! Otherwise, let your applause and joyful claps do the talking.

4. Unleash Your Spirit: The energy is infectious, and laughter is the currency of the night. Feel free to hoot, holler, applaud, and let those belly laughs roll. You're not just a spectator – you're part of a vibrant community experience!

5. Tipping Like a Pro: Did we mention tipping? Oh yes, it's like the heartbeat of the show. If you're pondering how much to bring, start with $2 per performer and let your generosity flow. For a lineup of five dazzling stars, $40 in cash will have you shining as a top supporter!

6. Embrace the Unexpected: Drag is an art form that defies norms and challenges perceptions. Keep an open heart and mind. If questions about a performer's background tickle your curiosity, remember the golden rule – treat others as you wish to be treated.

Corvallis' Drag scene is a kaleidoscope of talent brought to life. It's not just about the Queens; it's a grand symphony of Drag Kings and performers from every hue and gender. These artists channel their inner diva as they deliver comedy, quips on politics, lip-syncing, and dance performances that range from timeless classics to the hottest chart-toppers. Prepare to be amazed by an inclusive celebration of all body types, identities, and talents that go beyond your wildest imaginations!

(Photo: Corvallis drag performer Lucielle S. Ballz, from Dam Right Drag Night. Photo courtesy Lucielle S. Ballz.)

Wondering where to see these magic-infused spectacles? The leading local producers, Haus of Dharma and Dam Right Drag Night, suggest checking the restaurants’ social media for the most updated info. For OSU’s Rainbow Continuum, Whiteside Theater, and The Majestic Theatre, check their websites.

Here are the buzzworthy hubs around town.

  • Bombs Away Cafe: A hotspot near the OSU campus, where the energy of the youth collides with the glitz of drag. Expect an audience of lively 20-somethings who know how to party.
  • Common Fields: Nestled downtown, this tap house and food truck pod offers a stage for the fabulosity, perfect for those seeking evening performances that light up the city.
  • The Bière Library: Downtown's haven for brunches that are family-friendly and evenings that come with a 21+ thrill. From craft cocktails to raucous fun, they have it all.
  • Max’s Mexican Restaurant: A Mexican restaurant on 9th, where they serve up the freshest tortillas and Saturdays are "Saucy." Spice up your weekend with a dash of drag and a side of sizzling entertainment.
  • Calapooia Brewery: Venture just outside of town to Albany, where this brewery welcomes crowds of up to 200 for shows that are larger than life.

So, are you ready? Corvallis' Drag scene awaits – a place where energy electrifies, colors ignite, and souls unite. Buckle up for a rollercoaster of emotions, where you'll laugh, clap, tip, and dance your way into an unforgettable experience that celebrates diversity, artistry, and the pure joy of being yourself!

(Photo: Corvallis drag performer King Kween, from Dam Right Drag Night. Photo by Charles Maniaci.)

Article by Stacey Newman Weldon. Keep up with Corvallis news, events and happenings by signing up for our email newsletter.

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