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Marci Sischo | 12/20/2022 | Corvallis News & Information, Outdoor Recreation

What's the Weather Like in Corvallis?

Corvallis has a "warm-summer Mediterranean" climate and generally enjoys temperate weather year-round. Summers are warm and dry, with plenty of sun and not much rain. Winters are mild, wet, and overcast, with plenty of rain. Serious weather like heavy rainfall, rain storms, thunderstorms, wind storms, or tornadoes are uncommon, as are ice storms and snow in the winter.

  • Average Winter Temps: Daytime temps of upper 40s to lower 50s; nighttime temps in the mid-30s.
  • Average Summer Temps: Daytime temps of upper 70s to mid-80s; nighttime temps in the mid- to lower 50s.
  • Average Sunshine: On average, there are 159 sunny days per year in Corvallis. (The US average is 205 sunny days.)
  • Average Wind: About 5 mph, depending on time of year (high winds are rare).
  • Average Rainfall: About 51 inches of rain per year, most of which happens between November and March.

Spring in Corvallis can be a short season, turning up around the end of March to the beginning of April and turning into summer by early- to mid-May. One thing a Corvallis Spring offers is a brilliant profusion of color as trees, bushes and flowers around town burst into bloom. The whole town will be shades of pink and white for a couple of months, with streets and sidewalks awash with petals - particularly around OSU and parts of downtown. Our winter rains will persist partway into the spring, but it'll grow warmer and less frequent as summer approaches.

(Photo: Benton County Courthouse, by Lainey Morse.)

Avg. Day Temp52° F57° F65° F
Avg. Night Temp36° F37° F41° F
Avg. Precipitation9 in6 in3.9 in
Avg. Humidity86%82%78%
Avg. Dry Days172024
Avg. Precipitation Days13107
Avg. Fog Days81012
Avg. Snow Days100

(* This information is drawn from an average of the last ten years.)

A Corvallis summer is warm, sunny and capped by brilliant blue skies, and generally runs from the middle to the end of May to mid- to late-September. The beginning of summer will feature plenty of bright green scenery and 70° weather. Later in the summer the temperatures will climb into the mid- to upper-80s, and in late August and early September you can expect to see a few 90° and 100° days. Our green surroundings will be toasted golden as the summer heat and sun dries everything out. Days will cool quickly in the evenings when the sun slides behind the mountains.

One thing to watch out for during the summer in any part of Oregon is fire season, which can run from June to late September. Wildfires can spring up fast and spread even faster, impacting air quality even in areas where there aren't any fires, so it's important to be aware of the danger and keep yourself informed.

(Photo: Kayaking on the Willamette River in Corvallis, by Lainey Morse.)

Avg. Day Temp71° F79° F82° F
Avg. Night Temp46° F50° F51° F
Avg. Precipitation2.8 in.5 in.7 in
Avg. Humidity75%69%68%
Avg. Dry Days263030
Avg. Precipitation Days411
Avg. Fog Days131110
Avg. Snow Days000

(* This information is drawn from an average of the last ten years.)

Autumn is another short season in Corvallis, running from early- to mid-October through mid- to late-November, although temperatures will generally begin to cool off in late September. Changing light and temperature will bring on our autumn colors, which blaze through the town in brilliant oranges and reds, with a dappling of gold here and there. Fall will start off warmer and dryer, with temperatures in the lower 70s, and quickly cool into the 60s and 50s as rain increases. By the end of November, rainy, 50° days will be common and the nighttime temps will sink into the 40s, with occasional dips into the 30s and infrequent frost warnings.

(Photo: Biking the Riverfront Commemorative Park in downtown Corvallis, by Lainey Morse.)

Avg. Day Temp
75° F63° F51° F
Avg. Night Temp
49° F44° F38° F
Avg. Precipitation
2.9 in5.8 in9 in
Avg. Humidity
Avg. Dry Days
Avg. Precipitation Days
Avg. Fog Days777
Avg. Snow Days

(* This information is drawn from an average of the last ten years.)

Winter comes to Corvallis in late November to early December, bringing with it overcast skies, rain, and cooler temperatures. Expect 40° to 50° days and nights in the mid-30s. Winter is a surprisingly green season here, as the steady rain and mild temperature brings evergreens and grasses back to life. Even the trees that have lost their leaves are often draped in moss, bringing some green to their branches, as well.

Snow is a rare occurrence in Corvallis, although the foothills surrounding the town will see a bit more. Most commonly we see the occasional light dusting of snow that's gone in a few hours. Every once in awhile we're treated to a few inches of snow, and that may persist on the ground for a day. Due to the wet, cold snaps can occasionally bring on icy rain and slick roads, and foggy mornings are fairly common.

(Photo: Fitton Green Natural Area in late winter.)

Avg. Day Temp
45° F48° F49° F
Avg. Night Temp
33° F34° F34° F
Avg. Precipitation
9.9 in9.4 in7.9 in
Avg. Humidity
Avg. Dry Days
Avg. Precipitation Days
Avg. Fog Days9810
Avg. Snow Days

(* This information is drawn from an average of the last ten years.)

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