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Beautiful Marys Peak near Corvallis, Oregon

Marci Sischo | 08/14/2018 | Biking, Bird Watching, Camping & RV Parks, Family Friendly, Hiking, Historic Places, History, Nature Walks/Trails, Outdoor Recreation, Wildlife

Marys Peak, near Corvallis, Oregon, is a beautiful spot to get in some hiking, biking or picnicking. It's the highest point on Oregon's Coast Range, at 4,097 feet, and her beautiful, unique profile is a prominent feature of the Corvallis skyline. On a clear day you can see all the way to the Pacific Ocean to the west and much of the Cascade Range to the east. Rich rolling meadows are full of a variety of wildflowers, and the whole recreation area is ringed by a lovely Noble Fir forest. You're sure to enjoy the gorgeous views, plus there are excellent hiking trails and and no shortage of great spots for a picnic.

You can even get some camping in on Marys Peak. The Marys Peak Campground is 19 miles west of Corvallis and 8.9 miles up Marys Peak. It's open from mid-May through mid-September and there are six sites that can accommodate vehicles up to 18 feet in length. Due to the winding road, pulling trailers is not recommended. Occupancy of the camping spots is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and the campground is operated by Siuslaw National Forest. Contact them at 541-750-7000.

Do some hiking, biking, trail running, and more on Marys Peak: East Ridge Trail | North Ridge Trail | Tie Trail | Summit Loop Trail | Meadow Edge Trail.

Photos by Lainey Morse. Keep up with Corvallis news, events and happenings by signing up for our email newsletter.

1. Scientific American: How Would You Like to Take a Hike Across a Geologic Diagram?
Marys Peak near Corvallis, Oregon, by Lainey Morse
Quote: Right, we'll be back to Mount St. Helens soon, but we're going to take a few side trips first. Don't worry - it's all related. And there's a place in Oregon, not too far south of St. Helens, where you walk across a parking lot and see all the components of the subduction zone that fuel her.
2. Markael's Marys Peak Story
Marys Peak near Corvallis, Oregon, by Lainey Morse
Quote: I’ve been on the mountain at least 50 times during my five years in Corvallis. I’ve hiked, biked, or skied all of the trails, camped in the campground, and learned many of the trees and wildflowers. I’ve experienced hurricane-force winds, blizzards, endless plays of cloud formations, and warm still days without a wisp of cloud or a breath of wind.
3. Siuslaw National Forest: Marys Peak
Marys Peak near Corvallis, Oregon, by Lainey Morse
Quote: Marys Peak has been designated a Scenic Botanical Area because of its rich, unique scenery and plants. The open meadows offer a range of wildflowers throughout the spring and summer. Wildflower displays in the meadow and rock gardens change throughout the late spring and summer months.
4. Marys Peak
Marys Peak near Corvallis, Oregon, by Lainey Morse
Quote: The county highpoint for Benton County, Marys Peak is the highest point in the Oregon Coast Range and offers a nice panoramic view of the coast to the west and of the Willamette Valley and Cascade Range to the east. On a clear day it is possible to see the summit pinnacle of Mt Thielsen to the southeast; while Mt Adams is visible to the north with Rainier barely distinguishable using binoculars.
5. Travel Oregon: Marys Peak Recreation Area
Marys Peak near Corvallis, Oregon, by Lainey Morse
Quote: At 4,097 ft, this mountain – known as Chintimini to native people of the region – is the highest point in the Coast Range. The summit offers panoramic views of the Willamette Valley, Coast Range, the Cascades, and even the Pacific Ocean.
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