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Thyme Garden

Thyme Garden, Alsea, Oregon

The Thyme Garden is more than just an herb shop. They boast over 80 acres of beautiful gardens and host special events and luncheons, as well as doing conservation work.

Their largest greenhouse contains a small conservatory with its own little stream and a huge plant in the center called Angel's Trumpet, which may have over 200 ten inch long trumpet shaped flowers at one time.

The center of the main garden is their "Moon Garden," a collection of silver and grey plants that reflect moon light as a white glow. A raised stone bed with giant Cardoon plants make the center piece with curved stone bordered beds circling it filled with Artemesia, Silver Clary Sage, Snow in Summer, Curry plants and many more silver-grey plants. The Moon Garden is at its best at night, especially under the bright light of the moon.

An excellent way to experience the natural beauty of The Thyme Garden is to join one of their Tours and Herbal Luncheons. Guests start the day out with a guided tour of the separate gardens, a walk through the forest along one of their mountain streams, and Luncheon Day discussion of our salmon recovery projects, then sit down to a four course luncheon where everything includes herbs from salad to dessert.

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Address: 20546 Alsea Hwy., Alsea, OR 97324
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