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Mardi Gras Celebration

Mardi Gras at The Peacock Bar & Grill in a college town is a lively affair. The atmosphere is charged with excitement as people from the college and locals gather to celebrate. The bar serves up themed drinks, adding a festive touch to the night. You'll find folks dressed in Mardi Gras gear - masks, flashy outfits, and beads galore. The night rolls on with laughter, cheers, and the occasional bead toss, making it a spirited and enjoyable celebration for everyone involved.

Purple and gold Mardi Gras mask on a purple background, via Pexels, Polina Kovaleva
Starts: February 13, 2024

Times: 9pm

Location: Peacock Bar & Grill
125 SW Second Street, Corvallis, OR 97333

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