Corvallis GPS Waymarking Hunt

Waymark your way around Corvallis, Oregon

Join us and enjoy using your GPS device to waymark your way around Corvallis. Discover some hidden gems of our city! Find the co-ordinates below. All waymark points are North 44 degrees by West 123 degrees. As a start reference, the visitor center is N 44.34 by W 123.15.

N 33.78 W 15.58
Hint: Frog breaking into an old bank building.

N 33.79 W 15.62
Hint: President Kennedy stayed here in 1960, during his Presidential campaign.

N 33.88 W 15.49
Hint: There is a map of the Willamette River if you look down.

N 33.82 W 15.51
Hint: Poles represent old steamboat funnels and have birds and fish on top of them.

N 33.98 W 18.06
Hint: It’s covered to protect traffic in the winter. Look for the llamas.

N 33.91 W 15.7
Hint: It’s locked up under the courthouse main entry steps.

N 33.81 W 15.60
Hint: It’s Corvallis' walk of fame.

N 33.32 W 16.44
Hint: Mill stone around the roses.

N 33.86 W 15.92
Hint: A “clever disguise” by local artist Peter Helzer who is well known for his creative public art in Benton County.

N 33.81 W 15.71
Hint: Declared as the “finest in Oregon,” this palace was built in the 1920s.

Visit Corvallis
420 NW 2nd Street
Corvallis, OR 97330