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Apply For an Event Grant

Visit Corvallis invites tourism project funding requests from businesses and organizations that produce programs or events to increase overnight stays to our area, promote tourist attractions in the region or develop programs targeted to visitors.

Who May Apply

Non-profit organizations and businesses with a project or event in Corvallis aimed at tourism development and bring visitors to Corvallis that will create overnight stays in Corvallis’ commercial lodging properties.

Selection Process

Proposals received in approved electronic form will be reviewed by the Festival & Events Committee. Organizations will be notified of their status of their funding request by email or phone call. The Festivals & Events committee reserves the right to not award promotion funds if the project does not meet necessary requirements. In such instances, funds not awarded will be returned to the general advertising budget of Visit Corvallis.

Activities not eligible for funding:

  1. General administrative costs
  2. Operational expenses
  3. Commercial or for-profit organizations requesting funds for capital improvements or projects
  4. Projects promoting tourism outside of Benton County
  5. Projects directed at the residents of Benton County
  6. Applicants who did not complete the required reports in previous year
  7. Award requests for more than $500

Record Keeping

It is requested that all grantees maintain records for the minimum required amount of time set forth by the IRS including receipts and make the records available to Visit Corvallis upon request for audit purposes.

Permitting and Licensing

The award of grant money through this program does not supersede the need for proper permitting and licensing with the City of Corvallis or Benton County. Proof of all necessary licenses and permits is required before grant funds can be dispersed.

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Will this event be utilizing the DMO Services?

If yes, what type of DMO Service?

Is this a local event? (Corvallis Benton County)

Do you charge attendance?

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Advertising Locations

  West Coast (Sacramento, Seattle, San Francisco)
  Regional (Bend, Coos, Douglas Counties & Portland)
  Local (Albany, Eugene)

How will Visit Corvallis be recognized as supporters of this event?

  Event Poster
  Event Program
  Press Releases
  Print Advertising
  Promo Materials

How much is budgeted for advertising and promotion of this event? *

How are event profits being allocated? *

Are steps being taken to secure additional sponsorship?

If yes, please list steps toward sponsorship.

In what ways will your event benefit Corvallis/Benton County businesses?


How many OUT OF TOWN attendees is the organization projecting? *

How many LOCAL attendees is the organization projecting? *

Will your event provide overnight stays to Corvallis Hotels?

Estimated number of room nights expected to be used in Corvallis:

Event History

What is the history of the event?
First Time

Is there potential for Corvallis to host this event in the future?

If annual, how many years has the event been running?

What was the gross revenue of the prior years' event?

What was the net revenue of the prior years' event?

What were the OUT OF TOWN attendance numbers for last year?

What were the LOCAL attendance numbers for last year?

Please provide the hotels the event contracted with last year:

Where has this event been held in the past?

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